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1At Blossoms Baby unit, we provide a homely environment where babies can feel protected and secure in a purpose-designed setting. This is a significant time in your child’s development and at Blossoms, we promote the ethos of free play for your baby to explore and learn through heuristic (natural) activities. The resources are enriching and provide fruitful stimulation to encourage your child to explore and progress gently at their own pace. There is an integrated soft play area for energetic play and at quiet times a sensory room facility where they can relax and enjoy a massage, whilst other fundamental areas of their development are enhanced.

From about eighteen months of age, your child’s physical development will be progressing well and s/he will move onto our Ladybugs room.  Here your child will continue to explore many more natural materials such as wood, bark, pasta, water and sand as well as discovering the pleasure of play dough, painting, chalk and painting in a much wider capacity. In this rich environment, your child will learn a variety of new skills and proficiencies, which will enable them to gain a sound understanding of themselves and the world, which they live in. Every day will offer new and exciting challenges for your toddler to enjoy.

Everything in the Caterpillar rooms (2 - 3 yrs) is new and exciting. Your two year olds will feel positive about themselves when exploring this environment, as they face many new and exciting challenges. Children of this age will have access to a wide range of quality educational and developmental experiences such as introduction to shapes, colours, mark making and role-play. They will receive an initiation to structured learning through play, games, baking, construction, books and imaginative activities. These resources are constantly changed to stimulate their minds and emotions.

2In the Pre-school (Butterflies) room, a more formal approach to the curriculum is pursued and play is encouraged to meet the key aspects of this. Your child will be encouraged to develop many new skills and this will be demonstrated in their advanced play scenarios. The day becomes more structured, although there are still lots of time for free play experiences. Activities on offer include arts and crafts, emergent writing, numeracy, drama, philosophy, science, music and malleable play, to identify but a few. They will be taken through the six areas of learning with professional workers to support their educational needs.

Although the learning in this room is more structured, it is introduced in a relaxed way allowing children to develop and learn at their own pace. Throughout the nursery, we operate a key worker scheme and within this area, the children are encouraged to work together in much smaller groups, helping each other to develop.
Is an integrated all weather facility, where children can develop their physical and social skills, enjoying outdoor type play all the year round.

A secure, imaginative and peaceful environment designed to enable all children to gain confidence and promote holistic development in an integrated and contemporary format. It also encourages children to find out about their abilities by experimenting with their environment. This room is especially designed to utilise all of your child’s senses with an interesting stimuli for sound, smell, touch and sight, Research demonstrates that a multi-sensory room can make a real difference to you child’s overall development.

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